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Decor & Finishing

One room or the whole house, our decor and finishing services are based on your goals, budget, and taste.

The process is:

Phase One - Planning

This includes recommendations for everything from paint colour to furniture selection and placement, to lighting and decorative items – and can incorporate as many existing pieces as you wish.We prepare the design and can even provide you with a virtual walk-through of the finished room so that you can see what the project will look like when completed. The planning stage will also provide not only a detailed pricing plan but also a detailed project list so those involved (retailers, suppliers etc) can easily follow through to completion.

Phase Two - Implementation

Everything from painting, wall and window covering to  procurement of your sourced furniture and items to hanging artwork to the final pillow fluff. This include utilization of my designer discounts with major and local retailers and suppliers.

What is the Next Step?

If you would like to look at some of our past Decor and Finishing projects, Click here to view²

Contact us where we can either provide  a complementary  Phone or Zoom (or similar¹) online appointment to discuss your vision and idea’s.

¹ We support Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Apple FaceTime and FaceBook Messenger.
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No project is to small or too big.

We have decades of experience in professional painting. We utilize many methods of painting including brush, roller, air sprayer etc. in order to achieve the highest quality painted surface. 

With all of our painting projects we ensure the minimal impact on you and your family. We use drop clothes taping and ensure that our workspace is clean and safe in accordance with Workers Compensation Board requirements.

We start with all painting projects by:

Phase One - Consultation & Planning

We start with either a phone call, zoom¹ video meeting and then an in-person appointment so that we ensure that if needed the painted surfaces are prepped and ready. If any preparation (such as drywall touch-ups, trim repair or updating, surface cleaning or similar) is required we can also complete these. This will ensure that you do not experience any delay in the start of your painting project. We ask that you walk through the project area with us so that we can detail what we will be completing and what method is best served to achieve the optimal outcome.

We will not only provide you with a firm quote (in writing) but this quote will also include a firm schedule so that you can be assured of when we will start your painting project and its completion.

We will also provide you with a timeline that will break down the work by room or area. This will allow you to plan to have those rooms or areas ready for us to work (note below). As far as what is needed to be ready, we will provide you with those details.

Phase Two - Preparation

To expedite the project, we ask that the room or area is ready for us to paint. With your quote we will provide you with details as to what you can do to have this room or area prepared. This normally includes things like:

        • Interior Rooms: Remove all wall and window coverings such as pictures (including hooks), curtains or blinds.  Empty all shelves and closets.  Move all furniture into the middle of the room. Clean both the area to be painted and floor area.
        • Exterior Painting:  Remove any signs or removable items not to be painted. Remove any spiderwebs, nests or similar. Clean the area to be painted. Ensure that there is a minimum distance from the wall is cleared (minimum five feet for ladder areas and minimum ten feet for scaffolding)

As mentioned above if any surface or similar preparation is required, we will make sure that this is completed. It is vital that the painting surface, trim or similar of prepared so that we can achieve the level of painted interior or exterior perfection that we demand. 

Phase Three - Painting

We will then continue in the painting process. As noted above, your painting project will be broken down by room or area so that we can expedite the painting process and provide you with the minimum amount of disruption.

While we are painting within a room or area, we ask that you ensure that any family members do not occupy the work area, including those wonderful four-legged family members. This will ensure that we maintain a safe working environment according to WCB (Workers Compensation Board).

We will provide you with a daily update to keep you up to date on the process to ensure the project remains on time and budget. If any additional preparation or work is required. We will notify you immediately of this to keep you updated on any extra time or costs.

Phase Four - Review

Once we complete the painting phase, it is mandatory that we again walk through the project space with you to ensure that you approve the level of perfection.

If minor touch-ups are required, we will provide these without additional cost².

We may ask you if we can feature your painting project on our website and social media. This is so that we can share our level of perfection with future clients. We will get your final approval before the use of images or video. We will not post your full identity or location to ensure the highest level of privacy.

Let's get it Painted!

Contact us where we can either provide a complementary Phone or Zoom (or similar¹) online appointment to discuss your vision and ideas.


  1. We support Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Apple FaceTime and Facebook Messenger.
  2. Some limitations apply in regard to environmental circumstances or product deficiencies.
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